Aheli is the spa & wellness offering of Roseate Hotels & Resorts. The Sanskrit derivation of ‘Aheli’ is pure, while in Hebrew, it symbolizes a feeling of purity, grace, and elegance.

Wellness at Aheli encompasses every element – design, service, experts, and a bespoke menu of treatments. Our internationally trained therapists weave magic on your body to rejuvenate and heal your muscles keeping in mind each body type and needs. Oils used are essential to recover, containing ingredients like safflower, camphor and eucalyptus known to relieve and heal the body. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is crucial to live a meaningful and higher quality of life.

Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle and at Roseate Hotels & Resorts you’ll be pleasantly welcomed with our own brand of bottled water. Hygienically packed in chic glassware, the alkaline water is from our in house bottling plant with 8.2 ph value carefully blended with trace minerals.

At Aheli Spa, we have an exclusive range of our wellness products including immunity-boosting chyawanprash candies suiting our cosmopolitan travelers to have on the go. The spa has well-appointed spaces designed to offer holistic wellbeing and therapies are crafted in consultation with experts after an in-depth understanding of a guest’s mental, physical, and spiritual state of mind and body.

Wellness is more than a state of bodily well-being but a dynamic process of self-growth, through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is considered to be a path towards a happy lifestyle by making mindful and healthy choices. In the times to come, Aheli will continue to add more wellness products to its portfolio.

Care by Roseate
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Care by Roseate